The Story

Hi, I’m Hanro and I love comfort food. Pizza, pasta, mashed potatoes, burritos, dumplings, burgers, fries and PB&J sandwiches. As a child, I wasn’t exposed to many cuisines. So, now I have a curious palate and I’m in love with ethnic food.

Also, I hate exercise. Who wants to run on a hamster wheel in a crowded sweaty gym for sixty minutes? I’d rather be outdoors, have fun and enjoy the journey. Becoming fit is a byproduct.

Some piece of paper from a university states I’m an accountant. Unfortunately, that and food nearly killed me…



My health journey started in 2003 when my grandpa died of cancer. I decided, that’s not happening to me. Us bookkeepers (the ones that don’t end up in jail) play by the book. Pun unintended.

Yours truly was overweight and carrying 20 kilograms of extra fat and fluid. I almost gave birth to a double chin. I was always hungry and routinely binged on junk food when partying. I felt frustrated, miserable, embarrassed, confused and emotional. The drinking helped.

At work my mind was groggy. I was irritable, on the edge and had low energy. I sweated when it was slightly warm. My food was extremely boring and tasteless. Dry steamed chicken and vegetables. I always worried about cheating on my diet.

I spent a lot of money on diets and unnecessary ‘health’ foods. I felt empty and unsatisfied after meals. Like something was missing.

Interestingly, I wasn’t overweight. I was obese…

BMI before

Trial And A Lot Of Error

Back then, I would describe myself as ignorant, insecure and gullible. The same principle applied to my diet and exercise routine. I gobbled up magazine article type advice. Eat this one natural organic food that’s been grown by hippies in a country you’ve never heard of to help you look like a fitness model. OK, a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. I wanted to look like I belonged on the cover of a health magazine. I mean, who doesn’t? Seems achievable, since it’s all diet and exercise.

I experimented with every weight loss diet. Unfortunately, this led me to make every mistake a beginner could. I tried a dozen diets, but couldn’t stick to them. I failed at every one. Low-carb, low-fat, high protein, high fat, calorie counting, chalky-tasting protein shakes, supplements, meal replacements, pills, detoxes and juice cleanses. They worked temporarily, but nothing could keep the weight off.

My next strategy: exercise like a madman. I trained for half marathons. It worked great for losing weight. After a while, I injured my ankle from overtraining and couldn’t exercise anymore. Back came all the weight I lost.

After I recovered, I tried high-intensity interval training. It’s strenuous military style training. How I didn’t get injured again is a miracle. Results came, but I felt tired every waking hour. I binged on coffee to get through my days.

My wife’s headaches ended up curing my weight problems…


Since my wife could remember she battled with debilitating chronic headaches. No cure she tried helped. The most advanced western approaches to the most ancient eastern healing methods failed.

I was convinced it was dietary and researched every diet for a cure. I read many nutritional publications, but all the popular diets failed. Nothing worked until this one last diet… I joined her for support. After a few weeks, she saw improvements. I noticed changes in myself… Work colleagues commented that I look slimmer. This was the start of my healthy weight loss diet discovery. I felt great, but only for a while…

My Own Worst Enemy

I was following a healthy diet, but my mindset was poor. I was negative, stressed, unhappy, upset and blamed everyone else when I should have taken responsibility for my own feelings. I developed severe health issues. Two autoimmune diseases (eczema and leaky gut syndrome). My self-image and confidence plummeted because of my ugly skin. This led to a bout of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Lastly, I developed fibromyalgia and lymphadenopathy. The diseases made me lose a ton of weight. I lost 21 kilograms. I decided to quit my job so I could sort out my health. I was at rock bottom having lost my fitness, happiness and will to live. In the healing process, I consulted with a psychologist, three medical specialists and four holistic healers. I even did a 15 day water fast. Yip, you read that right. I only drank water for 15 days straight. With the treatments, I either saw insignificant or temporary results. Life wasn’t fun anymore, until…

It’s All In Your Mind

In 2016, this one crazy old man changed my life. He completely rattled my current way of thinking. He is the grandfather of mental mastery. His name is Bob Proctor. I attended one of Bob’s seminars and my world changed for the better. Bob attended and studied every self-improvement seminar and took from it the best of the best. His understanding of the mind is beyond belief. He convinced me that your mindset can cause disease. I realised what an important role your mind plays in health.



It took 16 months to sort out my issues. As I look back, this journey was one of the worst and best things that ever happened to me. When you experience trauma you gain a new perspective on life and question everything. I redesigned myself and the life I wanted. Throughout my journey, I studied every nutritional and psychological book I could get my hands on. I discovered many cool, effective, unorthodox tools that improved my physical and mental health tenfold. I wouldn’t wish this journey on my worst enemy. It was a dark place. I figured if I needed 13 years of mistakes to find success there’s got to be others who struggle to make a positive change.

After all my struggles, I feel exceptional. No food comas, emotional eating, crazy exercise routines, hunger pains, junk food cravings, energy dips, brain fogs or frequent colds/flu. I’m eating all my favorite comfort dishes, but they are much healthier now.

My wife is off all her medication. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Not even the everyday headache pills that society takes.

I don’t recognise my old self. My mindset is completely different. I’m a new person.

In my journey I’ve learned that I was not broken, my environment was. There’s no need to blame ourselves for where we are with our weight and health. It’s a messed up world and the reason we haven’t achieved our goals is because of misinformation. Marketers are psychology geniuses and know your weak spots. You have to question every thought or concept that enters your mind. Your current question might be…

Why Should I Listen To Another Idiotic ‘Health Guru’?

I’m a special idiot. And I’m not the only idiot out there with health and diet information. I know that. There’s great info out there and I’m a fan of a few experts. But all the popular diets have one dogma they adhere to and slay other approaches if they don’t conform to their belief. Each approach yields benefits but comes with unwanted baggage. I studied all the systems and took the best of the best. So you can also repeat my research, it might take a while though.

Or you could listen to this idiot share all the info he discovered on his journey on how he lost 20 kilograms and has never looked and felt better. I promise you won’t hear the normal regurgitated nonsense that’s currently in the industry. I’ve learned a lot and so can you.