An Open Letter to Frustrated, Well-Intentioned Dieters Who Are Sick and Tired of Being Overweight

You know that feeling right?

You feel ill when overweight and can’t seem to find anything to wear. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

It makes you sad, it’s annoying and painful. You detest what you see in the mirror. You might have family with a history of diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure. You don’t want to end up like that.

So, you end up spending your entire life yo-yo dieting. It’s not because you want to. You’re just trying your best to be healthy. But the emotional eating, sugar cravings or low willpower always seems to get the better of you.

And in the back of your mind, you think you have no way out. It feels hopeless.

But what if I said you’re wrong?

In fact, what if I got on the phone with you and helped you redesign your life so you never have to diet again?

I know you don’t believe it’s possible, but listen…

I used to be just like you

I was 20 kilograms (44 pounds) overweight. And my blood pressure was through the roof.

I had a low self-image, was always sick and had no energy throughout the day. I ate the healthiest of all my friends, yet I looked the worst.

My only relief was weekends when I binged on junk food and alcohol. Sad, but true.

Life sucked, but I put up with it because I thought I had no other choice. But then something happened:

I watched a health documentary in which a health advocate said something profound. He said the following:

When I scraped my knee as a kid, I didn’t have to do anything. As long as I got out of the way, it just got better. If the body can heal itself on the outside, why can’t it heal itself on the inside?

And honestly?

That changed me. If my body is trying to heal, then what the hell am I doing wrong that’s getting in its way? And let’s be honest. If I’m having health ailments in my twenties, what’s in store for me in my thirties and forties? Will I even make it to my fifties?

That’s what happened to my grandfather. He died of heart disease at the age of 46. The age when most people reach the pinnacle of their career and lives.

And I couldn’t help wondering… what if it happened to me?

So, after a lot of thought and soul-searching, I did something crazy:

I quit my job to study nutrition.

Here’s What No One Has the Courage to Tell You

You know all those popular weight loss approaches out there like low-carb, calorie counting, and detoxes?

Well, they’re not going to save you.

Sure, they can help you lose weight in the short-term. And they are definitely an improvement from the standard processed diet people eat.

But they’re not enough.

As long as you are on one of these diets, you’ll never feel satisfied. You’ll always feel deprived, restricted, or overwhelmed.

These diets just give you temporary hope. Every time you get excited about a new weight loss approach, you’ll only find that it yields the same unsustainable results.

And I don’t blame you for getting excited. Because that’s what fad diets are. They are just the same old ineffective approaches with different packaging.

Granted, keeping off excess weight is not a walk in the park. Especially in today’s tempting environment. It’s going to take time and determination. Which is tough if you’re a parent with a busy career.

But all that effort pays off.

You look pretty damn good. You feel good. You enjoy life. On the rare occasion you visit your doctor, he responds: “You have a rare condition called ‘good health’. Frankly, I’m not sure how to treat it.”

You easily find and fit into clothes you like. You are fit and love exercising. You love yourself and the way you look.

Personally, I have never felt this good. I feel good physically and mentally. I can’t remember the last time I needed an afternoon nap.

I’m able to play and keep up with kids half my age. People at the beach now stare at me for different reasons.

And I know I’ll stick around to see and play with my grandchildren. It’s wonderful.

But the truth?

This is NOT for everyone

Not even close.

Some people need (and like) quick fixes. They want a pill, gimmick or trick to make their weight problems go away.

Some people are also afraid of moving out of their comfort zone. They feel safe. They are not happy with their weight, but eating fast food is so much more convenient.

And lastly, some people think being healthy is too expensive and time-consuming. They’d rather save money. But actually, they spend their money later in life on hospital fees, operations, and pills.

If you’re in one of those categories, you can stop reading now. The rest of this letter doesn’t apply to you.

But…maybe you’re different.

Maybe you like to do things right and not cut corners. Maybe you value your health more than the convenience of fast food. Maybe you like investing your time and money into healthy food instead of medical bills.

Sure, eating unhealthily is convenient and cheap, but it also comes with baggage later in life. And to you, it’s just not worth it.

You’re looking for a way out. You just don’t know how to do it.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Since taking the leap into a leaner, slimmer and healthier lifestyle, a lot of people have asked me questions like…

  • What foods are best for losing weight?
  • How many calories do I need to eat?
  • Do I have I have to cut out carbs?
  • What about fruit?
  • How long does it take to lose weight?
  • What about protein and healthy fats?

And I’m happy to answer all those questions, but here’s what you really need to know:

There’s not a “one size fits all” answer.

Some people can eat more calories because of their active lifestyle. Others need to eat fewer calories for their lifestyle.

Some people have busy careers and families. Others don’t, and they have more time on their hands to prepare meals and do grocery shopping.

Some people need to drop a lot of weight. For others, they only want to lose those last few stubborn pounds.

The big question isn’t, “How can I copy (insert name of skinny celebrity here)?” The question is, “What’s the right path for YOU?”

Granted, it’s a hard question because there are SO many different answers. That’s why having a coach to help you through the process can be so valuable.

Here’s How I Can Help You

Would you like to know what foods you need to eat and avoid to get you to your weight loss goal?

Would you like a realistic timeline for reaching your ideal weight?

And for that matter, would you like to just tell someone about your situation and get their honest opinion about what’s holding you back from achieving your goal?

Well, here’s the deal:

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to help five people create a plan for getting a brand spanking new slim body. If you’d like to be one of them, I’ll create a custom-tailored roadmap designed specifically for you.

You’ll get:

  • My honest, unfiltered opinion on your specific situation
  • A scorecard on how to measure your progress

  • Restaurant guidance on how to eat out healthfully

  • Motivational tips on how to keep on track and not lose focus

  • Healthy recipes and menu planning tips

  • Common causes of cravings and how to tame them

  • Info on how stress and sleep affect your weight

  • Info on how foods really affect your body

  • Find out what foods have been scientifically proven to help you lose weight and maximize longevity.

  • A projected timeline for incorporating new healthy habits into your lifestyle

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly what to expect. Instead of just dreaming about looking good and feeling good one day, you’ll also have a roadmap for making it a reality.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as it should.

Because listen:

Nothing is more expensive than the advice you don’t take.

If you don’t talk with me, you might be fabulously successful, but you’ll probably go through some rough times first. You’ll spend months experimenting, tweaking your protein intake, jumping from one fad diet to the next, finding out how much water to drink, spend hours researching, binge eating, or any number of other common mistakes.

It’ll cost you thousands. You’ll also lose a lot of time.

By talking with me though, I can help you avoid those mistakes. No, I can’t save you from all the headaches of being healthy, but if I can save you from food that’s keeping you overweight, you’ll save 10-50 times what I charge you for my advice.

With that in mind, the price is $37 for a 1-hour phone consultation. You’re also protected by my full money back guarantee.

My Guarantee: You’ll Be Overjoyed with My Advice, or You Pay Nothing

By the time we finish together, I guarantee you’ll understand exactly what you need to do. You’ll also have a realistic timeline for making it all happen.

But if you’re not satisfied?

I’ll give you your money back. All of it. No questions asked.

Just email me within 30 days, and I’ll issue you a complete refund.


Because my job is to help you. If you don’t feel like my advice is worth 10 times the price, you shouldn’t have to pay.


All right then, here’s what to do next:

Here’s What to Do Next

Click the PayPal button below to pay for our coaching session together.

When I see the payment come through, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and after you’ve filled that out I’ll email you within one business day to schedule your session. We’ll talk for one hour. Afterward, I’ll email your plan to you within three business days.

In case you’re wondering, the payment process is completely secure. PayPal is one of the largest and most trusted processors in the world.

Also, you do NOT need an account to process the payment. You can use your debit or credit card, just like you would on any other website.

Simple enough?

Here’s the payment button:

Warning: I’m Serious about Only Accepting Five Clients

Once all five spots are filled, I’ll take down this page.


Because I’m not in the online coaching business.

Sure, I’m getting paid for online coaching here, but this is just something I’m doing to help out a few people. I don’t have any desire to be a full-time online consultant.

The point?

If this is of interest to you, go ahead and sign up. It’s only $37. You probably spend more than that on one nice meal at a restaurant.

If it’s not for you though, that’s also totally fine. No pressure.

The choice is yours.

Here’s the payment button one more time:

Talk to you soon,